Investment & Diversification

The Active Group retention policy is continuous reinvestment in company projects and non-related companies, operating in different sectors. This diversification strategy allows for stability in case of economic difficulties in the group’s core businesses relating to property rental, funeral and cremation services.

The Group invests in Corporate Bonds of large multinational organisations operating in the hotel and hospitality sectors and other diversified business.

As at December 2023, the Group holds investments in:

  • International Hotel Investments (IHI) p.l.c. owners and operators of Corinthia Hotels International.
  • Phoenicia Finance, owner and operator of the Phoenicia Hotel in Valletta.
  • Qawra Palace Hotel, a leading tourism resort in Malta.
  • Hili Ventures, a multinational organisation operating in diversified sectors.

The Board believes in the potential and capabilities of the above companies and is always on the lookout for new investment opportunities.